At debbiemindful, I am focused on providing tailored mindfulness sessions resulting in a calmer, peaceful outlook.

I offer:

  • Group sessions at your place of work - mindfulness is shown to improve focus, emotional intelligence, self control and a reduction in stress
  • One-to-one sessions (suited to the less-confident and private personalities)
  • Group sessions to allow for sharing of feelings and empathy
  • Pop-up sessions - keep an eye for these opportunities, maybe in your local library or charity shop

Stress less and enjoy Christmas more ...

1. Give yourself some precious time out and practise a 5-10 minute meditation (I recommend the Insight Timer app) to build up your own store of contentment.

2. Make the most of waiting - when in a queue in the inevitable busy supermarket, or at traffic lights, or waiting on the phone - notice where your body is tense, breath in and out of these areas allowing a softness, notice your thoughts and let them go (as best as you can), explore the sensations of your feet on the floor, expand your awareness throughout your body, focus on your breath.

3. Relish the festive food - eating mindfully and really savouring and tasting your food will give you nourishment and satisfaction in more ways than one!

4. Christmas shopping – rather than shutting down and battling through the crowds, notice the sensation of walking, your feet on the floor, breathing into your shoulders, taking in the lovely Christmas displays, acknowledging your fellow shoppers and shop assistants with a warm smile, checking in to see if you are weary and need a rest – shop, drop or STOP!

5. Practise gratitude - this boosts our well-being, immune system, sleep and heart health - count 5 things you are grateful for each day, noticing how it feels in your body to be grateful.

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