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This is a difficult, uncertain time for everyone, as a mindfulness practitioner I'm keen to share some meditations created by me and fellow practitioners - these carefully curated audios can be found here: playlist on CMI’s YouTube channel.

I am dedicated to sharing the goodness and kindness of practising Mindfulness techniques. Would you like to de-stress, relax, increase awareness, feel energised and to reduce life's pressures? Regular mindfulness activities will help you to feel calmer, peaceful and over time improve your quality of life.

I provide Mindfulness Introductory and Practice sessions for individuals, groups and companies on-line and in the New Forest area, West Kent, Surrey and London. Sessions include a combination of guided meditations, gentle stretching and breathing exercises - I careully design them to help you relax, rejuvenate and find inner peace.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of mind that everyone is capable of cultivating, a little everyday, can help you to avoid continuing with the same negative habits and burdens, to step off the hamster wheel and appreciate the small, often unnoticed details, adding vibrancy and depth to our lives.

“Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

What changes will you notice if you practice Mindfulness?

It is about learning to step back from impulsive or repetitive thoughts/emotions and observing them non-judgementally and without attachment. These simple yet powerful techniques can change how we think, feel and act in everyday life leading to more positive outcomes and responses.

Start making the change

Practising Mindfulness for 10-20 minutes during the day will help reduce stress, anxiety/depression, fatigue, and negative thinking. It will promote creativity, as well as improving memory, concentration and focus. Would you like to achieve more in a calm and considered manner?

Don't just take my word for it, there are many success stories where mindfulness has had a positive effect on the workforce e.g. Transport for London has seen the number of days taken off because of stress, anxiety and depression fall by 71% since introducing employees to mindfulness (Source - Personnel Today). Other benefits include heightened emotional intelligence, improved decision-making and strategic-thinking abilities, a heightened ability to focus and enhanced creativity.

Many top flight organisations are embracing mindfulness as shown by this BBC article

Other research suggests that employees who practise mindfulness have less emotional exhaustion, better work-life balance and better job performance ratings. They are also more likely to show concern towards co-workers and express opinions honestly.

Why not take care of yourself?

Just one mindfulness session can heighten self awareness and feelings of well-being, allowing you to continue with your day feeling refreshed, invigorated and grounded. Regular mindfulness sessions can lead to higher cognitive skills such as improved reaction times, comprehension scores, working memory functioning and decision-making.

Mindfulness expert Mirabai Bush, famous for introducing it to Google, says: "Introducing mindfulness into the workplace does not prevent conflict from arising or difficult issues from coming up. But when difficult issues do arise... they are more likely to be skilfully acknowledged, held, and responded to by the group. Over time with mindfulness, we learn to develop the inner resources that will help us navigate through difficult, trying, and stressful situations with more ease, comfort, and grace.

Becoming more aware of your own emotions as they arise gives you more choice in how to deal with them. Mindfulness helps you become more aware of an arising emotion by noticing the sensation in the body. Then you can follow these guidelines: stop what you are doing. Breathe deeply. Notice how you are experiencing the emotion in your body. Reflect on where the emotion is coming from in your mind (personal history, insecurity, etc). Respond in the most compassionate way.

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